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Mine Planning and Production Guide 101

comprehensive guide for mining companies

Mine Planning and Production Guide

Good mine planning leads to high productivity by both optimizing the ability to work and when the work to be undertaken. This guide by Grid will provide you with insights into Mine Planning and Minerals Production. It covers topics including the challenges both on-site and off-site faced by miners, steps for successful implementation of mine plan, and overview of mine production and mineral processing. Download the free e-book today and get the Mineral Exploration Guide!

Effect of Mining on Environment

Mining is an essential activity but causes unimaginable damage to the environment. But, with every successive day, mining companies are becoming more environmentally responsible. A major part of the mining plan includes minimizing damage to the society and environment.

Nonetheless, environmental impacts are closely related to mining practices. Devastating impacts occur when bad mining practices are promoted by companies. We have briefly discussed some impacts of mining on the environment below:

  • Water pollution is one of the major concerns for miners. A combination of chemicals is used in the process of mining, turning the groundwater toxic. These toxic water leaks into the river from abandoned mines, leaving the water unsuitable for drinking and various other purposes.

  • Not only does mining pollute the water, but massive damage occurs to the natural vegetation of an area. Surface mining completely strips off the rock, soil, and trees which in turn causes problems like soil erosion.

  • Dust and noise pollution is yet another impact of mining on the environment. Heavy machinery disrupting the surface produces unbearable noises, while coal dust makes the air unfit for lungs.

  • The process of mining releases various pollutants into the air. As a result of which humans residing near the land have uncommon lung diseases, hypertension, etc.

Adverse effects can be witnessed long after a mining project is closed. Besides, toxic chemicals reaching the river acts as a poison for aquatic organisms. Organisms that depend on forests for food and shelter are forced to leave their habitat.

Mining acts as a backbone globally, so eliminating the process to save the environment is impractical. However, mining companies can innovate and promote sustainable mining strategies. Now is the time to discover ways and reduce the impacts of mining on the environment. Here are some suggestions for sustainable mining:

  • Research says ditching the traditional mining techniques can cut down the environmental impact by 20%. Mining companies should look for alternate techniques like in-situ leaching to reduce the damage. By promoting plenty of such techniques, miners can help in reducing soil erosion, surface damage, etc.

  • A vast number of miners are practicing illegal mining. Such mining operations are carried out in a land that’s marked unsuitable for large-scale mining operations. All these illegal mining operations must be shut down completely right away.

  • Mining is an activity that produces a large amount of waste in various forms. Fortunately, these wastes can be used again for a variety of purposes. Miners should grab this opportunity and adequately allocate these resources after the operation is closed.

In past years, mining industries have made a significant move towards sustainability. Sustainable technologies are not economical yet but it will probably become more practical and economical in the years to come.


We realised GRID replaces mining database and can achieve much more with the flexibility it offers. We have been able to build templates that range from geological data capturing and management to managerial budget handling.Sukhanjan Bose, Principal Consultant - Geology

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