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Mine Planning and Production Guide 101

comprehensive guide for mining companies

Mine Planning and Production Guide

Good mine planning leads to high productivity by both optimizing the ability to work and when the work to be undertaken. This guide by Grid will provide you with insights into Mine Planning and Minerals Production. It covers topics including the challenges both on-site and off-site faced by miners, steps for successful implementation of mine plan, and overview of mine production and mineral processing. Download the free e-book today and get the Mineral Exploration Guide!

Different excavation types of mining

Minerals are scattered all over the world. Some of them are found on the surface while others are present in the core. Due to such high variation in the formation and concentration, it’s tough to deploy any universal method. A variety of methods are used to mine mineral deposits from the surface or the core.

The selection of the mining method strongly depends on the type of mineral deposit. Other than that, minimizing environmental impact and fast resource restoration is also considered.

Surface Mining

Surface mining is a broad mining category that covers methods like open-pit mining, and strip mining. It is commonly used to extract non-precious minerals - sand, gravel, coal, iron, and other metals. Not only surface mining is economical, but production is faster as compared to other mining methods.


As the name suggests, underground mining deals with digging deeper into the earth, creating tunnels and shafts to retrieve the mineral deposits. It is categorized into different types based on the technique of extraction, processing the mineral, and the type of shaft used. It is only practical to use such a mining technique when the ore is present deep inside the earth.


We realised GRID replaces mining database and can achieve much more with the flexibility it offers. We have been able to build templates that range from geological data capturing and management to managerial budget handling.Sukhanjan Bose, Principal Consultant - Geology

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It is a very cost-effective solution designed to help our teams collaborate and work together. We see productivity, uptime, and efficiency improvement, and we’re deploying to our other remaining sites.

Shishir Poddar, Managing Director
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