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Mine Planning and Production Guide 101

comprehensive guide for mining companies

Mine Planning and Production Guide

Good mine planning leads to high productivity by both optimizing the ability to work and when the work to be undertaken. This guide by Grid will provide you with insights into Mine Planning and Minerals Production. It covers topics including the challenges both on-site and off-site faced by miners, steps for successful implementation of mine plan, and overview of mine production and mineral processing. Download the free e-book today and get the Mineral Exploration Guide!

Mine Planning


Mine planning is nothing different from the planning all businesses perform. However, mine planning has a close dependency on mineral deposits. Typically, mine planning is the process of optimizing the mining operations and creating an optimal extraction strategy.

The role of mine planning in high performance

The link between high performance and mining is very direct. Mining projects have a definite life and come with plenty of challenges to scare workers/miners. Other than on-site challenges there, economic factors can majorly affect a mining project.

A good mining plan eventually leads to high productivity. However, adhering to the plan is essential to achieve the objectives. Only a practical and achievable mine plan can primarily help in scaling up the performance of a mine.

Developing an optimal plan for mining

Developing an optimal mine plan is a strategic process and happens in various stages. All technical, economical, environmental, and other aspects are closely analyzed before creating an optimal plan. Undeniably, the entire process of creating an optimal mine plan requires a significant amount of time and effort. Changing the strategy after key decisions are tedious, so most optimal plans are made keeping in mind the long-term vision.

The planning process starts with measuring all values that represent the corporate goals of the miner. Factors like economic and technical viability are assessed once the values are measured. If the results turn out robust and healthy, no further studies are performed to find better options. However, such a situation happens once in a full moon. Generally, once the feasibility study is completed, the search for options with much better outcomes starts.

How important is cut off grades?

One can say that cut-off grades are the driving force of major mine plans. It stands for the minimum grade required by a mineral deposit to be called an ore. These grades play a very significant role in mine design and planning.

Cut off grade (Cog) is constantly changing, so once such decisions are made, it becomes easier to decide on other mining factors. Above all, the process of mine optimization should start as early as possible to refrain from losing any opportunity to create value.

What are the essential study components for a mine plan?

Creating a mining plan is a big deal, but creating a good mining plan is a bigger deal. Various parameters need to be assessed to achieve corporate goals with minimal hassle. Here are some of the essential study components that help in creating a legit mine plan.

  • Geology
  • Mining parameter
  • Metallurgical specifications
  • Capital cost
  • Operating cost
  • Analyzing the project capital
  • Analyzing risk

Steps for efficient implementation of the plan

The efficient implementation of the plan is essential to achieve the desired operational and corporate objectives. It should be sequentially distributed in three major parts - strategic, business, and operational. Besides, one must ensure that the plan so obtained is not just practical but reasonable as well.

Strategic plan:

It is an overall plan that focuses on maximizing the value of the extraction of minerals and ores. It should identify the optimal mine plan

Business plan:

The business plan consists of two major components, long-term, and medium-term planning. Even though both these plans have a close link to the strategic plan, a business plan is slightly more detailed than the other.

Operational plan:

The operational plan is a very detailed plan, including weekly and daily equipment plans. This serves as a guide for operations to achieve the business targets mentioned in the budget.


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