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Mine Planning and Production Guide 101

comprehensive guide for mining companies

Mine Planning and Production Guide

Good mine planning leads to high productivity by both optimizing the ability to work and when the work to be undertaken. This guide by Grid will provide you with insights into Mine Planning and Minerals Production. It covers topics including the challenges both on-site and off-site faced by miners, steps for successful implementation of mine plan, and overview of mine production and mineral processing. Download the free e-book today and get the Mineral Exploration Guide!

Amount of Risk involved in Mining

Strict protocols and improved mining practices are being introduced regularly to make mines safer. But, the goal of zero risks is yet to be achieved. Even today, miners face various challenges on the site and in business. Below is a brief list of both business as well as on-site risks associated with mining.

1. On-site mining risks

With the highest fatality rate, the mining industry seems nothing less than a battlefield. Miners face life-threatening challenges almost every day and the key to stay safe is to learn everything about these challenges. Some major mining risk includes on-site explosions, exposure, and excessive noise. Besides, the worker’s health is always at risk; rare lung diseases and cardiovascular issues are often seen in mine workers.

2. Business risk

Mining companies are thriving to become more efficient every day. However, a solid solution is still needed in some areas to minimize risk and increase productivity. Digital effectiveness and cash optimization are common business risks. However, in the case of mining, regulatory risk, and operational complexity is often a tough one to deal with.


We realised GRID replaces mining database and can achieve much more with the flexibility it offers. We have been able to build templates that range from geological data capturing and management to managerial budget handling.Sukhanjan Bose, Principal Consultant - Geology

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Centralised mine data and reporting

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It is a very cost-effective solution designed to help our teams collaborate and work together. We see productivity, uptime, and efficiency improvement, and we’re deploying to our other remaining sites.

Shishir Poddar, Managing Director
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  • Secure & audit-ready data operations

    Log every change to your data for audit,keep
    it secure,centrally hosted in cloud

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    Access up to date data from anywhere and
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  • Works on field,without internet

    Capture data offline on greenfields and in
    low-connectivity mining areas.