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5 Effective Techniques to Improve Mine Performance

Worldwide mining operations have seen a 28 percent drop in productivity in the last 10 years —and that too after adjusting for diminishing ore grades. As a mine operating manager, the focus is on improving productivity and maintaining profitability without sacrificing mine safety.

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We realised GRID replaces mining database and can achieve much more with the flexibility it offers. We have been able to build templates that range from geological data capturing and management to managerial budget handling.Sukhanjan Bose, Principal Consultant - Geology

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It is a very cost-effective solution designed to help our teams collaborate and work together. We see productivity, uptime, and efficiency improvement, and we’re deploying to our other remaining sites.

Shishir Poddar, Managing Director
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  • Works on field,without internet

    Capture data offline on greenfields and in
    low-connectivity mining areas.